Clinical Staff

Founder, Clinical Director, and Psychotherapist

Psychotherapist, Lead Art Therapist, and Education Consultant

Psychotherapist and Art Therapist


Trauma Specialist & Psychotherapist

Psychotherapist and Somatic Breathworker

Art Therapist & Psychotherapist

Art Therapy Intern

Art Therapy Intern

Administrative Staff

Office Manager

Virtual Assistant

Wisdom Collective

The Wisdom Collective is a mindfully curated group of experts and thought leaders from a wide range of disciplines. We believe that wisdom and expertise come in many forms, and should be shared and grown. CLARA Wisdom Collective members will provide holistic supplementary services for clients as well as trainings, retreats, and programming for mental health providers, community leaders, and corporations. We believe that mental health clinicians should have access to ongoing education and training that feeds mind, body, soul, and professional identity.

Speaker, Writer, and Advocate

Parenting Specialist

Cultural and Spiritual Midwife

Brush Box

Community Building

Community Midwife and Sexpert

Education and Supervision Consultant