Alison Donald, MS, LPC-IT


Alison Donald, MS is a licensed professional counselor in training, yoga therapy instructor, Reiki and integrative medicine for mental health practitioner. Alison has 15 years of teaching experience with all ages and holds a Master’s in clinical Mental Health Counseling from Mount Mary University.

Alison believes in treatment that addresses the whole person as well as systemic, familial, and societal sources of suffering. She often incorporates psychoeducation, experiential mindfulness, and integrative medicines alongside therapeutic models like Dialectic Behavioral Therapy (DBT). Alison also offers Trauma Sensitive HeartMathâ„¢ which incorporates biofeedback technology proven to have a multitude of benefits.

Alison supports clients across the lifespan, and children as young as 8 years old. Alison has many areas of expertise including physical manifestations of mental health issues especially those related to anxiety, life transitions, depression, and trauma. Additionally, Alison supports adults preparing for or integrating from psychedelic healing experiences and is a founding member and host of the Milwaukee Psychedelic Society. Prior to coming to CLARA Healing Institute, Alison has served in many community and healing spaces throughout Milwaukee including Float Milwaukee, Lakeside Natural Medicine, HIR Wellness Institute, CORE El Centro, INVIVO Wellness, Multicultural Trauma and Addiction Treatment Center of Wisconsin, Rogers Behavioral Health, and the Milwaukee Recreation Department.