CLARA Healing Institute is rooted in values that we aim to share with clients, fellow clinicians, and the greater community.

Above all, CLARA represents clarity.

The CLARA name is multi-layered. Picture a prism, that when examined from different angles, illuminates new colors, light, images, and ways of seeing and knowing.

C - Connection

We commit to building connections around mental wellness, and breaking down stigma to bring the power of therapeutic work to light. We are passionate about building a diverse community of expert clinicians and leaders whose influence reaches far beyond the Institute.

L - Leadership

We take our role as clinicians seriously and with deep ethical commitment.
We also believe that leadership comes from within, and that we are called to be leaders in our homes, classrooms, communities, relationships, and spiritual lives.

A - Attunement

We believe it is our duty to teach you to attune to yourself and others. This refers to the human ability to “tune in” to the experience of another. It’s how we respond to each other’s needs, moods, behaviors, and energy. Neuroscience research shows us again and again that we can shift emotional states and create sustained empathetic connection through attunement. It is the core of MUCH of our work. We would love to teach you about it.

R - Regulation

Coaching and modeling the importance of self-regulation is KEY to the CLARA practice. Tuning into our bodies, our nervous systems, and our breath are imperative to good health. We will teach children to self -regulate from the moment they engage in the power of their breath. We would be honored to teach you or your child to self-regulate through big, triggering, and uncomfortable emotions. We also regulate our emotions socially, through safe relationships.


A - Agency

When we feel safe, supported, and in control of our own lives, we can develop agency. Having a sense of agency helps us to set goals, stay true to our values, and have faith that we will grow and thrive in challenging situations. We will be part of your supportive care team as you take action and make healthy changes in your life.

*** Please note that at CLARA, we are fully committed to a clinical lens that protects and affirms the LGBTQ community and is actively anti-racist. We strive for deep understanding and respect for intersectionality in all levels of our clinical and community work.

Areas of Expertise

CLARA believes in a balanced, person-centered view of mental health diagnoses. Many clients have felt empowered to learn of a specific diagnosis, and feel more agency and control over symptoms that once baffled and confused them. Others have unfortunately not been treated well by other medical systems that viewed them as a diagnosis only. Tending to this unique need for every person is an important part of developing effective therapy, and it is an ongoing, collaborative process at CLARA. CLARA Healing Institute provides therapy that is EVIDENCE-BASED and rooted in research that is ever evolving. Our therapists are committed to lifelong learning and ongoing training in cutting- edge treatment approaches from a variety of mental health disciplines. The mind-body-soul connection is considered in all that we do.


• Depression
• Anxiety
• Stress management and self-care
• Life transitions
• Regulating emotions
• Self esteem and confidence
• Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, including Moral OCD
• Social anxiety
• Bipolar Disorder
• Borderline Personality Disorder
• Self-harm
• Trauma
• Sexual Abuse
• Domestic Violence
• Attachment
• Eating Disorders
• Body Image
• Body Dysmorphia
Mindful eating and relationship with food
• Work-life-family balance

• Pain management
• Coping with illness
• Relationship concerns
• Co-dependency
• Couples counseling
• Divorce, Separation, and Co-parenting
• Anger Management
• Child and adolescent therapy
• Addiction
• Family conflict
• Grief and loss
• LGBTQ (affirmation, safety, and support)
• Gender identity, transition, and affirmation
• Autism
• Developmental concerns
• Unique learners
• Gifted and talented students
• Sexuality
• Spirituality
• Racial identity
• Feminist issues and support

Meet Our Team

Meet our team of dedicated and passionate clinical workers. Click the view all button below to see our full staff.

Founder, Clinical Director, and Psychotherapist

Psychotherapist, Lead Art Therapist, and Education Consultant

Psychotherapist and Art Therapist


Trauma Specialist & Psychotherapist

Psychotherapist and Somatic Breathworker

Art Therapist & Psychotherapist

Art Therapy Intern

Art Therapy Intern

          Leah Amich

           Office Manager


         Dii’Azia Brown

          Virtual Assistant

Kristin Belkofer, MS, LPC

Speaker, Writer, and Advocate

Dr. Jessica Brumm Larson

Parenting Specialist

Venice Williams

Cultural & Spiritual Midwife

Brush Box

Community Building

Lucky Tomaszek

Community Midwife and Sexpert

Mary Rodgers, MS, LPC

Education and Supervision Consultant

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At CLARA Healing Institute, we understand the importance for you to feel a safe connection with your therapist. That’s why we offer a free, 20 minute consultation, in-person or via phone so you can see if CLARA Healing Institute is a good for you and your family. 

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