Venice Williams

Cultural and Spiritual Midwife

Venice Williams identifies as a Cultural & Spiritual Midwife, strongly believing she was placed into Creation to help bring forth all that is good and whole in people, guiding them through the exploration of their life path. She also lives into the belief that the natural world has the power, images, and cycles to teach us everything we need to know on this journey. She teaches Rites of Passage courses for women, based on the four seasons.

Venice is also a community herbalist, cultivating fifty to sixty herbal species each year, using them to craft teas, salves, scents and more, as part of her holistic, spiritual, community practice. A native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, since 1989, Venice has been living and serving in Milwaukee as a Layminister through the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, Greater Milwaukee Synod. She is currently the Executive Director of Alice’s Garden Urban Farm, Minister for The Table: a first-century-style community in the twenty-first century, and Curator of the Kujichagulia Producers Cooperative.